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In recent years, HD has become a trend in the continued safety of many manufacturers, China’s financial, transportation and other sectors of the increased demand for the status safer base in high definition. So what is the reason for the rapid development of security in high definition? Is not all security vendors can develop HD products? Millions of HD in the process of development that have encountered difficulties? Through the discussion that follows, I think we can find a satisfactory answer.


Unlimited potential for high-definition the way we need HD?

Is it HD? For this problem, different people give different answers, as though the discussion is good to eat a peach or fishing and drinking juice. security market of China, the demand will remain diverse, difficult to find a common need one. The same is true for the demand for high definition, we can not be sure that all required HD. However, we noted that some industries have emerged or are emerging for high-definition video on demand, manufacturers must be prepared in advance cons-measures.

Such as the financial industry, the industry is one of the first use of CCTV in the industry since 2000 to transform the digital video surveillance, 10-megapixel resolution to a level of resolution directly CIFIntégrer. The resolution of the image can bring clarity to the original CCTV system is essentially flat.We can say that the system of financial sector supervision to upgrade from analog to digital, the resolution did not follow the upgrade. As a high-risk industry, criminal activities for the financial sector has never stopped, and quick, unexpected, hidden features. How can key in a strategic location and time quickly and accurately capture the details of the scene as a security department of the Bank is an important subject. High definition video is the most direct way of colonization. In recent years, some banks have begun to explore the use of supervisory control system IPsystème control is possible, then, for the transition to high definition screen open the way for.

Another example is the area of public safety, the main security control scenarios, including roads, public places, transport, etc. bayonet. bayonet system which is more popular nowadays demand HD.Different from the ordinary high definition monitors, electronic key card port to capture in HD, using the camera to capture the technical and the ordinary high-definition IP cameras is no big difference. In addition, worker density and traffic density, the wider surveillance applications in public places, at this stage is used in 4CIF resolution of standard definition. Use the resolution to record the incident, the amount of informationsBasic enough, but the details of distinguishing facial features of the suspect, not enough. To remedy this, high speed dome camera can be used to zoom in on the local scene (zoom), but the disadvantage is the need for operation by hand. In addition, to improve the intelligence system and reduce the intensity of human intervention, the system may be appropriate to consider some additional intelligent video analysis technology, an intelligent early warning based on the video, Statistics and analysis.Intelligent analysis of system accuracy and image quality, clarity and other factors closely related to the increased resolution of the video screen, is the most simple and effective.

Can be seen from the above analysis dessusQue current applications monitoring HD Although no large-scale deployment, but some of the key requirements of the industry has arrived. In addition, traffic, museums, sports and leisure attractions, hydrogeology, remote display, fields, etc., the demand for high-definition applications is very broad. Therefore the main task at this stage, and more manufacturers continue to improve product design, quality, function and so on, the most important task is to understand user needs, and this basis for providing solutions to meet the needs of system users, and not a single product.With solutions of rational design, high-definition screen pleinementAvec should exploit the value of the user experience to the real value of money.


HD threshold very high, but the trend is imperative

The inevitable trend of development of millions of high definition the vast majority of businesses agree that swarm the security sector, particularly in the last two years, national companies, large and small occurred while emissions in high definition million These companies have the original analog video camera manufacturers, the traditional "Network Camera Video Server +" suppliers, manufacturers, research DVR substance, and even non-security companies and manufacturers of non-video monitoring.Various manufacturers did his best and we strive to lead millions of high definition screens in 2009, Alexander Forbes conference, dozens of stands flashéMillions HD camera, but the actual volume of shipments made to millions of video camera High Definition is very low

Through a comprehensive analysis of the evolution of resistance, we have seen, to one million high definition, is not just buying software packages OK, and millions of high definition monitor the current threshold of more traditional, need more powerful global power, especially Chubei many R & D strength.

The successful development of thorns million HD high resistance

Currently affecting millions of market development are high definition camcorder: the price, product range and support the full and correct understanding of HD.

The price at the beginning one million high définitionPresque all devices from foreign manufacturers and their agents, the price of the product is extremely expensive, so users need to discourage high-definition equipment. But now, across China to take a more global basis Jishu HD cameras digital, is the start location means that the price should be more important to the downward adjustment, at present prices HD cameras has been the traditional analog approach is Yuel Yue Camera, so that more affordable for millions of users in high definition.

In the range of products and support, own family unit is complete and support facilities are available, will directly affect millions of digital video and high définitionApplication 3A extension of single camera captures the key technologies (automatic exposure , auto white balance, auto-focus) before launching a range of features and variety of the range of digital cameras, to meet different application requirements engineering.

Million PDVR HDTV equipment follow the back-end (or NVR), a mixture of geometric DVR DVR technology over the past barriers of high tradition much more demanding and higher-resolution VGA decoding and processing performance, materials DVR many traditional complex, so a small part of domestic manufacturers of DVR can make millions of successful back-end video equipment in high definition.

In a few million high-end HD monitor items are usually also appelémural for TV, one million high definition on the wall is not an array or traditional menu decoder and the decoder, which requires one million euros allocated hardware HD decoding on the wall.As the current resolution LCD screen high definition 1080p up generally, and thus an urgent need for the front end of the video matched with the video equipment, but for millions of high definition, high definition monitors allow the parties to play for the best value, or the traditional D1 up wasted on the effect of the high definition HD LCD. In the lens, millions of space in high-definition camera option is too small, and the price increase has affected millions of the rapid spread of high definition.

Also worth mentioning is that the top priority, more DeLa technology and facilities, it is an important point, that is, millions of high definition on the concept of exact knowledge and correct guidance, which requires that millions of domestic technological leader high definition concert to promote it.



a) The video:
-Inventory Management Tool (logistics)
-Fleet management, real estate …
-Improve the comfort and security of your customers
Release Management-ray and replenishment
-Protection of sensitive areas (parking, server room, laboratories …)
-Access control to the enterprise (portal, lifting barriers, doors …)
-Prevention against theft and assault
-Fight against shrinkage
Deterrence-cons malicious acts (vandalism to vehicles parked)
Control-manufacturing (assembly, machining parts …)
-Counting of people or vehicles (shops, traffic …)
Intrusion-Detection (intelligent video)
Discourage effectively thieves and fraudsters
– Record DVD quality streaming 24×7
– Easily find any event
– Check for false alarms before you move
– Increase your productivity
b) Access control:
Access control input and / or output
-Time Management
-Secure your access and empower users using tags or PINs
-Protect your sensitive areas
-Management of presence (fire safety)
c) Biometrics:
We can see that biometrics is an effective alternative to passwords and other identifiers for secure access controls. It verifies that the user is who he claims to be. Biometrics is growing and tends to associate with other security technologies such as smart cards.
High security – In conjunction with other technologies such as encryption, smart card …
Comfort – By replacing just the password, for example the opening of an operating system, biometrics can observe the basic rules of safety (not to enter his password to the PC side, not disable the screen saver to prevent seizures passwords frequently). And when these rules are followed, biometrics prevents network administrators from having to respond to numerous calls for lost password (which is sometimes given over the phone, so no security).
Security / Psychology – In some cases, particularly for electronic commerce, the user does not trust. It is important for market players to convince the consumer to make transactions. A method of authentication known as fingerprints could change consumer behavior.
Biometric systems eliminate the risk



















d) Intrusion Alarm

Cyber Security

a) TV monitor

Management intrusion alarm, self-protection, no industry, release management and non-service …

b) TV video

TV Round random display of a site in or outside activity.
TV childcare: Permanent display of a site in or outside activity.
TV access: for viewing on demand specific action (opening and closing doors, lifting barriers, gates (controlled video and audio) …
TV review: visualization for removal of doubt on alarm.
Now you’re sure to have secure sites and partners / subcontractors reassured. The costs of guarding against the remote video equivalent manned guarding on site are up to 80% lower for higher performance: viewing the entire site, continuous 24/24, immediate initiation of the procedures in case of problems

Fewer flights: our operators are your guards and your store is monitored 24/24.
Less risk: if something goes wrong, it is the video operators to remotely acting to raise the alarm.
Cheaper: CCTV is proposed mutualized very competitive rates from 9.90 euros / day.

Yes today via the Internet it becomes possible, the management of your building, technical and mechanical distances to escape criminals or stop them until the arrival of Law Enforcement authorities, protection and security of your fixed or mobile structures, access control, fire, …

Why spend more when you can get better with a reduction in costs of 30 to 50% the first year on your budget.

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