ReadCube: An excellent tool for organizing PDF articles

PDF library organization is important if you’re a student or a scholar. Enter new kid on the block ReadCube, a free Adobe AIR app currently in public beta. ReadCube offers a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for organizing, finding and reading articles. It’s a worthy competitor to Zotero and Mendeley.

ReadCube offers a huge range of features aimed to save you time, help keep you organized and to keep you on-top of the latest literature – but don’t take our word for it – see how we stack up!
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Using TimThumb with WordPress Post Thumbnails

The WordPress post thumbnails functionality has become a basic necessity of theme coding, but it does have its limitations. Mainly you are stuck with the image sizes you specify in the Settings – Media tab. You can also specify your own image sizes, but clients undoubtedly want to change their image sizes over time or within one website over and over and over and over…. So it makes sense to make use of the dynamic image resizing script TimThumb. I use the following technique to grab the designated featured image post thumbnail from a post and then automatically resize it upon display. Works perfectly!

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光线可以通过透镜进行聚焦和散射,但我们能不能让单纯的“热”像光线一样“聚焦”呢?近日麻省理工学院(MIT)一位名为马丁·马尔多瓦(Martin Maldovan)的科研人员研发了一套新技术,让人们可以像控制光线一般操控热能。

这项技术的关键是使用合金化半导体纳米晶体(nanostructured semiconductor alloy crystal),其理论依据为——热量与声波相同,都是由物质的原子晶格震动而产生。用这种理论解释,声音实质上是由一束“声子”(与光子的概念类似)震动产生的。我们都知道,使用光子晶体(比如透镜)可以控制光线的通路,那么声子晶体便可以控制声音的通路,自然,“热声子(heat phonons)晶体”便可以控制热量的通路。

马丁·马尔多瓦是麻省理工学院材料科学与工程学院的研究科学家,他解释说,不同材质的区别在于它们适配于不同种类能量的不同波长。马尔多瓦的最新研究发表在1月11日的《物理评论快报》(Physical Review Letters)上。