Self Making A CRYPTOMATOR Portable Version

Warning: This is an unsupported use of Cryptomator. Proceed at your own risk and keep backups of your critical data.

Cryptomator is a great utility for encrypting your files in a seamless, transparent and cross-platform manner. It’s particularly designed to provide client-side encryption for file storage and synchronisation services such as Dropbox. It essentially sits between the files you save and the synchronised folder, encrypting your data before it gets stored and pushed up to the cloud.
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神器:Atnsoft Key Manager 在windows下实现PopClip类菜单

背景:经常需要在Mac用远程桌面登入Windows 系统工作,而Microsoft提供的MacOS远程桌面App的DPI惨不忍睹。一个解决办法是用Parallel 中的Windows系统进行远程桌面访问。但是由于跨越多个系统导致一些系统快捷键时灵时不灵(热键占用?),例如Ctrl+C/V,尝试很多设置办法也没有解决。由于Windows不可以像MacOS一样修改系统快捷键,所以就希望找到一款第三方软件实现快捷键的修改,至少实现方便的复制粘贴功能。

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